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In 1995 I closed the Russian American Theatre project and in 1998 I began to post materials from my Russian archives. Perhaps, I was wrong assuming that my Russian experience is over. With the new Virtual Theatre experiment there is a chance that i still can do Russian shows -- in cyber space.

Tour the sites, see if what I do close to what you do(VTheatre and/or ePublishing) and contact me for cooperative projects in Theatre, film, Literature and Academics.


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Грех не только причина смерти, но и воскресения.


The Possessed 2003


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В РФ эксперты “Форбс” нашли 27 миллиардеров и теперь она по числу миллиардеров занимает 2-е место в мире после США. Совокупное состояние всех россиянских миллиардеров составляет 90,6 млрд долларов. Среди нажившихся на грабеже русских богатств толстосумов впереди всех – Роман Абрамович, в мировом списке он занимает 21-е место. Его состояние “Форбс” оценил в 13,3 млрд долларов. Далее на 60-м месте с состоянием в 7 млрд долларов Михаил Фридман ("Альфа-групп") и Владимир Лисин (НЛМК). 84-ое место у Олега Дерипаски (5,5 млрд, "Базовый элемент"), 94-е место занимает Викор Вексельберг (5 млрд, СУАЛ, ТНК). Бывший лидер Михаил Ходорковский (15,2 млрд в 2004 году) теперь имеет 2,2 млрд. В январе Ходорковский передал своему партнеру (тоже жиду) Леониду Невзлину контроль над 59,5% акций гибралтарской “Груп Менатеп”, которой принадлежит более 61% акций ЮКОСа. В мировом списке также впервые фигурирует Елена Батурина, владеющая 99% акций ЗАО "Интеко" (1,3 млрд долларов против 1,1 млрд). Зато в списке почему-то нет президента Альфа-банка Петра Авена (2,1 млрд год назад) и бывших совладельцев "Газпрома" Рема Вяхирева и Вячеслава Шеремета (1,3 млрд и 1,2 млрд). [3.13.05]

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If you keep going West, young man, soon you will end up in Siberia!

Visitors, Comrades, Strangers!
I have no time to work on this site, friends!
I have no time to work on my book!
I have no time!
I have to work!
Go, go to my worksites,
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5.16.98. Organizing my cyber space; paradoxically, private and open for all to see. Not sure how to break it down. Traditionally, it's "resume-style." Professional profile. Well, I'm not looking for a job. What am I looking for? A step to be published? Or to understand myself? Understanding is a process of self-organization. Drafts of Anatoly to see -- public performance, letting the world to participate in this process: Diary-Thought

Why the "geographic" divisions? Why not "theatre" page? Go THEATRE w/Anatoly. To put "Taganka" (book about Theatre in Moscow) in Russian here on RUSSIAN PAGE? The plays related to Russia are here THE FOLDING, the rest about theatre is on THEATRE SITE.

"Cultural" composition of Anatoly? RUSSIAN BEING... What about "Second Death" -- where does it belong? Not Russian, American or African, but metaphysical? Poetry goes there (In English -- THE AMERICAN SITE).
THE AFTER LIFE -- electronic existence. See e-BOOKS

Alright, go ahead, put all your projects out. My hard drive goes public... What about those texts being unfinished? The finished are for print, editor and publisher. Irresponsible? Yes.

Composition of Anatoly:

And Many Other Sites!

"Americans in St. Petersburg" (magazine we published in 1993 in Russia, first and the only issue). Not posted yet.
Chapters from "Russian Museum" (unfinished novel)
"Russian" plays (in English),
Taganka (Book on Theatre, half in Russian and not posted)
Russian Dairies -- "Journey" and poems
There are several pages in RAT (Russian American Theatre Project)

Also, a couple pages on Russian cinema: RCinema and Rublev, which belong to Film-North website.

The African Connections -- AFRICAN PAGE and NORDIC AFRICANS The American Book Alaska is the EXTREME OF AMERICA.

If you get to the page Language of Angels and wish to have more of it, go to FILM-THOUGHT -- NORDIC MIND for 600 Northern Studies course and notes for "View Points" (a manuscript on film nature)
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