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Diary of the Unlived Life

INTRO: about the book (3 parts)
PROLOGUE (me-Soviet, 30 years)
Part One. BEFORE: 1991
Chapter 1. MR-C
Chapter 2. RED BOOK
Chapter 3. C-World
Chapter 4. State (The Party)
Chapter 5. August 91
Part Two. LOSERS: 1992
Chapter 6. ODM: my father
Chapter 7. Generation: Netizen Epstein
Chapter 8. Foreigner, Intelligencia
Chapter 9. The Russian American Theatre
Part Three. WINNERS: 1993
Chapter 10. Mafia: Naked Power
Chapter 11. The Fall and the Russian White House
Chapter 12. New Wars: Others
Chapter 13. KGB and KGBism
Part Four. VIRTUAL RUSSIA: 1994-96
Chapter 15. THIRD RUSSIA
Chapter 16. HOT PEACE (Red Book)
Chapter 17. Round Trip Ticket
Chapter 18. Russian Idea (WE-RUSS)
Chapter 19. Russia, First Love. MAY.96
Performance: Election -- TV Theatre (1996)
This book isn't finished but the chapters-files are posted. There are several reasons why I am not happy with the texts.

First, the book is "too Russian" -- too serious. For somebody who left Russia twenty years ago, it's unexcusable. Why am so serious describing rather comedic history? Are the New Russians less rediculous than the Communists?

Second, the historical urgency. In many ways Russia became irrelavant to the big history (if such a history still exists). Russia became "Moscow" as she was before Peter the Great. It's just a dark and cold corner of the world. Who knows and wants to know what take place over there?

I was Russian once and I am soft on Russians. This is not good for writing. This is why I suspect myself of being Soviet.

Oh, my friends, there a difference between the two. The difference between Soviets and Russians is bigger than between British and Americans. The Soviets were and still are the NEW people. They are postmodern. They stepped into this post-history before Foucault and Deleuze learn how to read.

The "Soviet Phenomena" is much more interesting than "Russian Mystery" -- the great Russian writers spent a lot of time writing about Russia and I have no business getting into it. What do I know about "Russia"? I never been there. I was born in Soviet Moscow and I left Soviet Union in search for Russia.

Russia is no more. Not in even in Russian America (Alaska), believe me.

It's okay. I hadn't meet a single "Roman" in Rome too.

So, I guess, the book is a speculative fiction...

It's all right. I am not a historian. I just write... about my experince.

Anatoly Y2K

The facts behind this book are simple. I was born in Moscow in 1949. In 1980 I was a professional writer, who defected in Italy. In 1992 I came back to Russia as a Fulbright scholar with my American family. In 1994 we left and I spent three years writing this book, while teaching at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

There are four books in this book. Part One -- BEFORE is about the Soviet times before 1991. Book Two -- LOSERS, the majority of Russians. Part 3 -- WINNERS, my experience of the joint-venture with mafia. And the last -- VIRTUAL RUSSIA is about what is ahead.
The chapters posted are the working draft and very often resemble notes, not finished pages. The genre is the most difficult aspect of this book for me; I took (artistic) liberty to treat "non-fiction" broadly and there are many ghosts of the past actively present in the story. Mostly, the great Russian writers, who I believe very much alive and have their impact on the current and future history of Russia.

I'm not sure when the rest of the book could be posted or even finished. I already missed all self-imposed deadlines. I expect that the upcoming events in Russia will speed up the process. History is my silent partner in writing.

Your comments or corrections are welcome.

Anatoly Antohin, professor of Theatre and Film at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Playwright and director. For the Theatre UAF he directs "The Mikado" -- a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan in the Spring.

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